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Offering the Most Professional Boiler Services In Your Area

NG INSTALLS a home services company that makes replacing and installing your boiler painless. We took an outdated process and moved it online, saving homeowners time, money, and a lot of frustration.

We offer a seamless experience, the most supportive customer service in the industry, and the best prices—guaranteed.

What we do?

NG Installs Services

Solve your home comfort woes with NG Installs

Boiler Services

Our boiler services company offers efficient and reliable services to ensure optimal performance and safety of your system. Our team of expert technicians is highly trained and experienced in handling various types of boilers, and we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide high-quality services. 
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Boiler Installation

We make it easy to install a new boiler. Our technical advisors will help you through the entire replacement process from when you decide to replace your boiler. We will take care of buying the boiler for you. As a result, you will not waste time dealing with salespeople.
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Maximize Savings with Energy-Efficient Boiler Replacements


We guarantee you won’t find a lower price for your boiler replacement. We skip sales fees and commissions and pass the savings on to you. We’re so confident in our prices that if you find a lower quote, we’ll beat it.


Upgrading to a more efficient boiler can have a big impact on your monthly energy bill. Homeowners who replace their boilers with energy-efficient models report energy cost savings of 25% or higher.


Making small changes to your home heating can have a big impact on climate change. When you replace your older boiler with a newer, energy-efficient model, it’s almost as effective as giving away your car!


NG Installs Services

We'll recommend the right boiler for you based on few simple questions

Step 1

Speak to one of our technical advisors today and answer few questions about your home.

Step 2

Choose and agree on Package and once you are satisfied, you can then select a date for installation.

Step 3

Our installation experts will deliver and install your new boiler. All relevant certificates will be issued.

Why choose us?

Fix Home Comfort with NG Installs Boiler Services

At NG Installs, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our customer service team is unparalleled in the industry, and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Furthermore, we guarantee that our prices are the most competitive in the market, offering exceptional value for your investment.

Fair Prices

We at NG INSTALLS are proud of our service as well as the price, experience, and simplicity we offer. Making your life easier is our top priority, so we put you first.
It’s peace of mind knowing there will be no hidden fees when you book with us because we offer unbeatable fixed prices. Prices are as they appear and there are no hidden fees.

Fast & Responsive

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, responsive and caring service to all our customers, whether they are our telephone staff or an boiler engineer. As a result, we have established a reputation for unmatched support and knowledge in our industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

From a different perspective, we see things differently. If you experience NG Installs, we want it to be one of the most satisfying experiences you have ever had.
Because of this, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% of the time.


We believe in the value of quality at NG Installs. Our experts are licensed and insured to handle your needs.

Our Mission

NG INSTALLS: Improving Homes, Communities, and the Planet

Our mission is bigger than boilers, furnaces, and a better customer experience—we take our greater home to heart, too.

NG INSTALLS makes it easy for homeowners to replace and install new boilers because we believe small improvements can lead to bigger changes. Something as simple as choosing a high-efficiency appliance can make our homes, our community, and the planet more comfortable.

We offer a seamless experience, the most supportive customer service in the industry, and the best prices—guaranteed.

Get A New Boiler With Installation

NG Installs is committed to providing homeowners with a comfortable and energy-efficient home. One of the ways we do this is by offering accurate and transparent boiler quotes that help you understand the costs involved in upgrading your heating system. Our instant quote system makes it easy and convenient for you to get an estimate of the costs, without having to wait for a response from us. With NG INSTALLS, you can be confident that you are getting the best prices for your new boiler installation. So why wait? Get your instant quote today and experience improved home comfort with NG Installs.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking the Mystery: Your Top FAQs Answered!

You regain control using NGinstalls. Without dealing with pushy salespeople, we enable you purchase a new item for your house online and choose the installation date. We ask you a few quick questions online rather than sending a salesperson to annoy you at home. Even using a phone or tablet is simple.

You can compare brands and pricing before deciding on an appropriate day to have one of our skilled installers install it for you.

You must first respond to a few simple questions. What kind of home you have, what room you want it in, and things of that like.

We’ll suggest a number of options, and you can pick The One. You will be able to contrast brands and costs to aid in decision-making.

Utilizing our secure online payment system, you can pay everything up front or make monthly payments using our finance options, which include interest-free choices. You have the choice.

On rare occasions, we must supply your NGinstalls just before installation. But don’t worry, we always make sure it’s convenient by asking you first. The day before your installation, a courier will deliver your BOXT. The same goes for your installation, who will show up between 7:30 and 9:30am.

Your licenced installer will then show up to complete the installation. Our installers are skilled, reliable experts. They are also a friendly group.

If you prefer to make a monthly instalment payment, you will submit an application for credit through our payment partner

Whenever you complete your payment or sign your finance arrangement.
24 hours after selecting your installation date, if you haven’t made payment or agreed to a financing plan, it will be made accessible to other customers.

Sometimes the cost of a repair approaches that of a completely new boiler. And if you later repair the boiler, you could very well run into new issues.
A new boiler is typically more dependable and efficient.

To find out how much a new boiler costs, go return to the homepage, answer a few questions using our online survey, you will get a callback to go through the quatation. The cost of boilers can vary depending on the manufacturer and the warranties they provide.
The costs for:
a brand new A-rated boiler
a brand new flue
all the right fixtures, fittings and safety attachments
installation from a Gas Safe Registered engineer


From £1,795, or from £11.61 a month, including VAT, NGInstalls can provide you with the exact same A-rated boiler, flue, attachments, and Gas Safe registered installation.

Yes. All of our installers are professional, experienced central heating engineers with Gas Safe certification.

You will as part of your manufacturer’s warranty, not from NiGnstalls The manufacturer offers a warranty on all new NGinstalls boilers installed.
As part of our installation service, we’ll register your boiler with the manufacturer, so you don’t need to do anything to activate your guarantee.
Our supplier assurances are as follows:


Up to 10 years Worcester Bosch
7 years is ideal.
Baxi – 7 years 
5 years with Vaillant
2 years for Heatline

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Our engineers are always here to help , if you have any question related to your boiler why not call us today and talk with us.


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