Winter Plumbing and Central Heating Tips

Although though clogged drains and burst pipes are inconvenient, it’s especially crucial to prevent plumbing problems in your home with Christmas quickly approaching and visiting relatives on the way. We’ve created a checklist of a few quick and simple steps you may take to avoid pricey issues that could really ruin the holiday cheer!


Insulate your plumbing.

Covering the pipes in high-quality lagging to keep the heat inside is an easy technique to lower the possibility of frozen pipes throughout the winter. Also, this will increase the effectiveness of your central heating, lowering your energy costs. All reputable hardware stores sell pipe insulation, but if the lagging doesn’t have a self-adhesive slit, you need also to pick up some duct tape.

Debris- and leaf-free gutters

In the same way that it’s crucial to keep your indoor drains clear (use plug-hole strainers to catch food in the kitchen sink and hair in the shower), you should also check your outdoor gutters and drains on a regular basis. If leaves, twigs, and other debris are allowed to accumulate, they can cause major problems.

Avoid pouring oil down the drain.

Greasy waste should never be poured down the kitchen sink, but in extremely cold weather, oil is even more likely to harden and clog your pipes. Once that delicious Christmas roast is completed cooking, allow the fat to congeal in the tray before discarding it.

If you leave, leave the heating on a timer.

Don’t forget to arrange for your central heating to turn on for an hour or two a few times a day while you’re away whether you’re spending Christmas with relatives or traveling. This will prevent the pipes from freezing, which could result in their expansion and cracking. In case there are any issues while you’re away, it’s a good idea to ask a dependable neighbor to check on your home.

Call a certified heating engineer if you’re unsure!

The safest course of action is to call us rather than attempt to remedy any plumbing or central heating issues you might have. Our certified plumbing professionals are available 24 hours a day to handle problems promptly and effectively, and our repair services start at a Reasonable Price.


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