What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of LPG Boilers?

Pros and Cons of LPG Boilers

Are you thinking about putting in an LPG gas boiler?

Purchasing a gas boiler is among the most significant decisions you’ll ever make for your house. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that there are numerous brands, models, and producers of boilers for the UK market, each with advantages and disadvantages of their own. Before making a decision, it’s crucial to comprehend the advantages and restrictions of installing an LPG boiler.

When limits on gas boilers take effect in 2025, homeowners will still frequently choose gas and oil boilers, so there is no need to be concerned about being left high and dry. During the changeover time, there are no plans to phase down these heat sources!

We’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing LPG boilers in this article to help you decide if they’re the best option for you.

What is LPG, or liquid petroleum gas?

LPG is a popular industrial fuel that may be used for cooking and heating. Mostly hydrophobic hydrocarbons from natural resources like oil extraction or refining make up this substance.

What is the process of an LPG boiler?

Burning LPG generates energy that is used to heat water for residential purposes, such as cooking and bathing, as well as for central heating. An LPG boiler uses liquefied petroleum gas instead of natural gas or oil, which is the primary distinction between an LPG boiler and a normal boiler. This indicates that an LPG boiler is not linked to the gas mains and needs a separate storage tank for the fuel that is safely located. Despite the fact that it could seem inconvenient, there are a number of advantages.

LPG boilers’ benefits and drawbacks.

We hope to be able to convey the benefits (and downsides) of LPG boilers so that everyone can choose between LPG and natural gas with knowledge.

Benefits of gas boilers

LPG does frequently cost less than oil or natural gas when compared to those two fuels.

• Minimal running expenses.

To fight the fluctuating cost of gasoline, we all want access to affordable energy and minimal operational costs. LPG might be an alternative to conventional energy sources like coal or imported gas, which frequently experience severe price volatility.

• Lessen your environmental impact.

By using greener energy, LPG boilers can help you lower the carbon footprint of your home. In the upcoming years, the government plans to provide tax reductions and other incentives to households!

The environmental movement may be pleased to hear that LPG has no potential to increase global warming. (according to the IPCC). LPG in particular, according to climate experts, has little impact on global warming. Much more environmentally friendly than natural gas.

LPG gas has the additional benefit of being more affordable than electrical heating systems. It burns cleanly and is easy to find. This indicates that it is significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Infrared panels are quite effective.

LPG boilers are also very efficient, using less fuel and emitting less carbon than other fuel sources. As a result, these are a great option for anyone who want to lessen their carbon footprint.

• Safe to use.

Last but not least, LPG spills are not poisonous, making them safe to use as fuels. Because LPG boilers don’t use fossil fuels like coal or natural gas, they normally produce 20% fewer greenhouse emissions than natural gas boilers, making them more environmentally friendly. Additionally, LPG boilers frequently have smaller sizes, which is a huge benefit if space is at a premium!


LPG boilers’ drawbacks

Although LPG is a great substitute for conventional fossil fuels, it has several disadvantages.

It is more expensive than natural gas and is only advised for residences that are “off grid” (more isolated/secluded properties). However, the benefit is that it is more environmentally friendly than natural gas! You need to have a storage facility (tank) on your land and it needs to be supplied. In order to avoid running out, you will also need to determine how long a full LPG storage tank lasts. Usually, they have a tank sensor built in or available as an add-on to prevent running out altogether.

• Secure keeping.

The primary drawback of LPG is that you have to secure the tank on your property and maintain pressure in it. A strong pipeline that complies with requirements is needed to sustain the tank’s pressure.

• Price.

Similar to many other commodities, the price of LPG has been continuously rising over time, decreasing its price competitiveness. This pattern is most likely to persist, raising the cost of LPG for many consumers.

• Shipping.

LPG delivery can occasionally be problematic because it must be transported by road, therefore there may be times when you run out of fuel before the next delivery. The supplier is now instantly informed if gasoline levels are low thanks to technical advancements (sensors, etc.). Your fuel supply should be replaced before it runs out entirely.

Cost of installation.

LPG storage tanks are often rented, costing between £60 and £90 per year.

Regular maintenance.

Like other boilers, a boiler will function more efficiently and safely with regular maintenance. This will also preserve its longevity. LPG boilers must be regularly serviced in order to operate at their best.

• A 2025 ban on UK Gas boilers.

The UK has made it a legal necessity to attain net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, as you are surely aware. By 2025, your current oil or gas boiler won’t need to be replaced, according to current plans. Only “new builds” are covered by this. Beyond 2025, any improvements to a gas boiler should be developed with low or zero emissions in mind!

Make that the business installing the gas boiler is licensed, qualified, and registered with gas safe. If you need to install a new boiler or update (subject to restrictions) an existing one at your house or place of business, call serviceteam at any time!


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