How Often Should a Commercial Boiler Be Serviced?

If you have a business boiler placed on your property, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in the finest condition. A business boiler that is put to heavy use, whether it is for hot water and showers in the summer or reliable central heating during the colder winter months, will be susceptible to breakdowns, frequently at inconvenient times. This is true of all poorly maintained appliances.

The same is true when it comes to business boiler servicing. Nobody particularly enjoys going to the dentist for a checkup every six months, but we all know it’s for our own good to avoid needing more expensive treatment in the future.

Regular boiler maintenance check-ups will ensure that your boiler runs efficiently for the remainder of the year. You won’t have to worry about whether a part needs to be replaced, whether carbon monoxide is leaking, or whether the pipes are clogged, all of which can result in an annoying array of boiler error codes.

Compared to a tiny two or three-bedroom home with spray foam between the walls and double windows, a commercial boiler is put under a lot more pressure and is required to heat thousands of square feet of frequently uninsulated workspace.

This implies that they are more prone to issues, including sensor failure and pipe corrosion. A short inspection of your commercial boiler, which typically takes about 90 minutes, may take care of all of that and more.

What Requirements Should A Commercial Boiler Meet?

Thanks to a variety of modern technologies and materials, boilers today are very well-made and benefit from the increased lifetime. The majority of household boilers only need to be serviced once a year to retain appropriate operation because of the high degree of manufacturing. On the other hand, commercial boilers should get a thorough servicing every six months to keep them in good working condition.

It is legally required to have a boiler serviced annually if you are a business landlord, but it is advised not to wait more than a year if you are the property owner.

But why should a business boiler be serviced every six months rather than simply occasionally? The primary reason is that layers of filth within the system will have gradually begun to accumulate around the 5-7 month point, and it’s a great time to get all of that cleaned out in preparation for the rest of the year.

In a contemporary boiler system, the majority of the elements last for years, but there is always a chance that some parts could wear out sooner than anticipated. Seals might fail, resulting in leaks that fuel corrosion, and sensors can become obstructed, resulting in error messages and aggravating boiler lockouts.

If you don’t make sure that your boiler has been correctly cared for, many commercial boiler warranties that can last five years or longer may also be voided. If your property is damaged by a gas explosion or a water leak, this may also be a small print condition of claims if you have building insurance.

Exactly what is examined when a commercial boiler is serviced?

Your Gas Safe engineer will visually inspect every component of your boiler during the commercial boiler service before removing the panel to examine the interior components. A few examples of the things that will be examined are as follows:

  • the pipes inside and outside
  • The flue provides effective ventilation
  • the boiler flame, the burner, and the spark
  • elastomeric valves and seals
  • electrodes, sensors, and electrical connections
  • pressure and flow of gas
  • the condensation catch
  • Emissions testing
  • Why Choose Rowlen To Service Your Business Boiler?
  • We have years of experience maintaining commercial boilers in industries, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, and many types of retail stores. We recognize the possibility that the place of business may be occupied while the service is rendered, and we always deliver professional and courteous service with the least possible interference with the daily operations of the company.

After we’ve maintained your boiler, we can legally certify that it is in good working order and protect you through the same time the following year. This gives you a full 12 months of peace of mind that your boiler is operating at its peak efficiency.

Before any work is done, one of our engineers will always go over the cost and timeframes with you in advance if any parts need to be replaced or if you need additional service, such as power flushing.

Give us a call right away if you believe your business boiler is due for a service and might benefit from one. We can come out to the property at a time that works for you or your tenant. We cover every type of commercial boiler, including gas, electric, biomass, and oil.


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